How you can Support a Small Business in just 3 Seconds

Small Businesses need support, now more than ever. Give what you can, and if all you can offer right now is 3 seconds of your time, Great! That will go a long way to supporting a small businesses dream…Trust us!

Check out 5 ways you can support small businesses today.

1 – Leave a review


Online Reviews are critical to small businesses. Without even thinking, before making a purchase, we will almost always look online to find out about other’s experience. Perhaps you had a brilliant experience with a business, but finding the time to write the review is something you never quite got around to? Please go onto their review platform and share your experience, we guarantee it will make their day!

2 – Shop Online


As if we needed an excuse right? Many small businesses have their virtual doors wide open! Whilst you may no longer be able to swing by physically to pick up your goods, for now your favourite things can be delivered directly to your door (contact free)! Many small businesses are even offering free delivery as well as great discounts. It’s the perfect time to stock up on your favourite items and maybe even try something new.

Want to see what some local businesses in the Mornington Peninsula are offering online? Click here.

3- Support on Social Media (it takes 3 seconds)

Working from home? Let’s face it screen time is currently going through the roof. Whilst you are there, give small businesses a quick follow on social media, this is also a cool way to spice up your feed with some fresh content too. Let’s share that virtual love with a some follows, likes and shares and make that extra screen time guilt free.

4- Buy a gift voucher


Know someone born in April? Whilst we may not be able to celebrate in person, we can certainly give them something to look forward to in the future. By purchasing a gift voucher, you are not only keeping a small business afloat, you are spreading hope to all. Something to use in the future reaffirms that this is only temporary, and there are more good times are ahead!

5- Takeaway

Many small business have quickly adopted to new government rules and are able to offer their products to you safely via a takeaway service. So from your daily coffee to that all important date night, you nor the small businesses need to miss out. Just a case of adjusting the norm and enjoying your takeaway in the comfort of your home.

Have you got a great idea for supporting small businesses? Contact us today.