Hop on Hop off Winery Tour Timetable

Our 2021 Hop on hop off timetable ensures you still get to choose from 18 epic venues in the Mornington Peninsula, and can continue to experience the flexibility of a private tour without the price tag.

Many of the venues now require a pre-booking for wine tastings and lunch. The good news with our Ultimate Timetable guide (sent upon booking) you will be able to plan your day in advance, using the timetable below.

Green tick = Must pre book tasting and or lunch

Orange Tick = Pre booking highly recommend

Walk in only = These venues to not accept pre bookings (we cannot guarantee a spot on arrival)

Step 1: Choose one venue in the first Yellow section as your first stop of the day

Step 2: Choose one venue from the red section as your second stop of the day

Step 3: Choose one venue from the blue second as your third stop of the day, here you have 1.5hrs, so a great time to grab some lunch

Step 4: Choose one or two venues from the last yellow section, all these venues are within a couple of minutes walking distance from one another.


Your time is precious and we want to ensure we are making the most of it every step of the way. The hop on hop off timetable has been curated to ensure you maximise your experience in the Mornington Peninsula.

You could tour with Hops and Barrels every weekend and have a completely different experience every time, that is the beauty of Hop on Hop off.