Hop on Hop off Winery Tour Timetable

How it Works:

Step 1: Choose one of the venues to start your day from the first yellow section.

Step 2: Move to the red section of the timetable you can choose 1 or 2 different venues, spending 45 minutes at each or the full 1.5hrs at one venue.

Step 3: From the blue section, you can choose to stay at 1 venue or visit 2 venues. Not sure? Why not choose 2 to start with if you are absolutely loving the first place and want stay longer simply let your guide know – Thats what Hops and Barrels is all about.


Step 4: The final group in yellow are 11 mins walking (except Trofeo Estate) so simply choose which venue you want to go to or see how many you can fit in before we get on the bus back to Melbourne at 4.30pm


Your time is precious and we want to ensure we are making the most of it every step of the way. The hop on hop off timetable has been curated to ensure you maximise your experience in the Mornington Peninsula.

You could tour with Hops and Barrels every weekend and have a completely different experience every time, that is the beauty of Hop on Hop off.