Our Story

The hunger for travel and adventure has been a central point of Ashleen’s and Milly’s friendship since they first met working as tour guides sailing the Dalmation coast in Croatia in 2014. Fast forward five years, they found themselves living in Melbourne and feeling the pinch of exploring everything the most liveable city in the world has to offer ($20 cocktails are fun….).

Your girls have needs though, and they decided to treat themselves to multiple wine tours around Australia. What they found is that every one of these were carbon copies of each other, namely being rigid, inflexible and expensive. It was late afternoon when they visited their favourite winery of the day and wanted to just relax there for an extra hour or two. However, as the traditional model of the wine tour meant they had no choice but to get on the bus and go to a chocolate factory (we love sugar, but we love wine more!) It was here that Hops and Barrels was born, an idea that never stopped evolving until it became a reality, and the co-founders mission to revolutionise the wine and day touring industry is what has brought you to this page today.

Armed with a combined 20 years of tourism industry experience, Ashleen and Milly stayed true to themselves and pushed boundaries and expectations to give people want they want for the price they want.

Meet Milly


White or Red? Red
Beer or Cider? Cider
Gin or Rum? Gin
Cheese or Salad? Cheese

Meet Ashleen


White or Red? White
Beer or Cider? Beer
Gin or Rum? Rum
Cheese or Salad? Cheese