5 Reasons why a Hop on Hop Off Wine Tour is the best way to explore the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula has so much to offer from wineries, to breweries to The Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs and let’s not forget the incredible beaches. Whether you’re a food fanatic or a child at heart you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here.

Here are 5 reasons why a Hop on Hop Off Wine Tour is the best way to explore the Mornington Peninsula.

1 – Flexibility

Here’s is the kicker; if you arrive at one of the breath-taking locations and never want to leave, you don’t have to. Yeah you heard me right, just tell the tour guides that you want to stay for longer ’cause you can’t get enough of that super addictive cheese board and they’ll accommodate your needs. Hops and Barrels give you the flexibility of deciding how long (or short) you’d like to stay at each venue, meaning you don’t have to be checking your phone every five minutes worrying if you’re going be late for the bus.

2 – No Designated Driver Needed

You’ve gotten together with your mates and decided you’re going to spend your weekend doing a road trip down to the Mornington Peninsula, overlooking vibrant green vineyards, intriguing sculptures, and tasting fresh new brew, gins and wines…. but, who’s the unlucky friend that has to be the deso driver? Cause unfortunately there’s limited taxis or public transport to help you out. No more rock paper scissors, this is your day and we want everyone to be able to partake in the festivities.

3 – Safety

Safety is a huge priority for Hops and Barrels, taking the hassle out of deciding who the unlucky deso driver would be and providing you with one of their own. While they do the driving, you and your pals can focus on what’s most important- sinking beer paddles and sipping award-winning wines knowing you’ll get home safe and sound, giggling your heads off in the process.

4 – Choice

With the largest Hop on Hop off Wine Tour network in Victoria, (Mock Red Hill Cider, Tucks, Montalto, Pier 10, Pt. Leo Estate, Bass and Flinders, JimmyRum, Two Bays Brewing just to name a few) no matter what beverage you love, they have you covered. If you’re a bit of a worrier and overwhelmed with the choices or unsure where you’ll find the best Cab Sav for your taste buds, the tour guides are full of knowledge and will make it their mission to find your match made in heaven.

5 – The Guides

Oh… They’ll also have a camera in hand ready to
snap the winning photo for you to post on The ‘Gram – Who can resist a cheeky upload?.

With a flexible timetable and your own choice out of 25 fantastic winery, breweries & spirit distilleries Hops and Barrels is the best, most thrilling ( and of course, safest) way to explore this beautiful part of the world. Best of all, it’s so affordable and won’t break your bank, meaning you can indulge and bring a few extra bottles home for later…

“Can I get a hell yeah?!”

Hops and Barrels is Victorias largest Hop on Hop off wine network travelling from Melbourne CBD, Frankston Station to the Mornington Peninsula.